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The purpose and policy of Pakdam Pars Company

The purpose and policy of Pakdam Pars Company, a manufacturer of Sausage and Kielbasa

Since 1369, the inception time of the Pakdam Pars company idea, until today as one of the leading producers of meat products, we always observe and follow up the implementation of our basic principles to be able to stay, grow and expand in difficult food industry area. Sausage and Kielbasa production with the highest quality, is our mission.

So that in this area, in spite of all the problems facing the production, we want to stay and progress, with all power and with attention to ethics fundamental as best as possible. We know very well that Cheating play never thrives, Therefore, our products and our principles, are our claims witness.

  • Constatnt improvment and development of products quality.
  • Producing qualified product with appropriate price.
  • Observing customers rights.