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Dried Meat Kielbasa (60% meat)

Dried meat kielbasa has more durability and stronger taste because of its special processing

Dried Meat Kielbasa, one of the oldest and most famous types of Sausage and Kielbasa products is very popular all over the world and our country Iran. Dried Attribute in this product  is because of the processing of the product and less humidity.

Dried Meat Kielbasa is originally polish, and the manufacturing process, due to highersurvival, focusedon a productcalleddry. Regardless of more shelf life of Dried Meat Kielbasa Product, stronger flavor is evident and Dried Meat Kielbasa fans emphasizeit. Dried Meat Kielbasa is produced in two types, Family package and vacuum package.

Product Ingredients are listed below.


  • Meat: 60%
  • Starch
  • Oil
  • Milk Powder
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Spice
  • Food Additives