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Sausage Roll, delicious and stylish

Sausage rolls, delicious and stylish for parties

Perhaps the image of sausage roll for the image of the link sausage and kielbasa foods, have attracted many of you, the good news is that todaywe are going to teach this food. You can use a variety of Sausage and Kielbasa for sausage rolls. I suggest Special hot dog, Special cheese hot dog, Special Cocktail Sausage, sausageor Cheese Cocktail Sausage. Sausage roll is very delicious and also stylish for your parties. If you want at least2forsausagerolls for 6 people, you need these materials. I hope,You carefully follow the recipe to the end, so you can make delicious sausage rolls.

  • bakery flour: 3/5 cup
  • Yogurt: a glass
  • baking powder: 2 teaspoon
  • sausages: 12
  • Salt: ½ teaspoon
  • Sugar: 1/5 teaspoon
  • butter: 100 gram
  • Sesame to decorate (optional)
  • eggs to decorate (optional)

Good sausages, for this delicacy are the following:

  • Special hot dog
  • Special cheese hot dog
  • Special cocktail sausages
  • Cheese Cocktail Sausage

At first we melted butter over low heat. Then poured into a container and add the yogurt and butter. Add salt, sugar and baking powder into the flour and mix well. Then sift this mixture several times because the air can penetrate into the flour and finally achieve better bread. Gradually add flour mixture to the yogurt and butter mixture and knead well until the dough will come to soft and beauty dough.

Put dough into a dish and put a damp cloth over it and left it for 30 minutes. Now divide the dough into 12 pieces. Keep in mind that depending on how you use sausage cocktail or hot dog sausage the size of the dough may vary. Almost these materials are enough for 12 pieces of Cocktail Sausages or 6 pieces of half hot dogs.then form each piece of dough to a rectangle with 90 degrees corners. The length of rectangle dough must be a little more than sausage length and and its width is approximately 2.5 to 3 times the diameter of a sausage. The dough should not be more than half a centimeter in diameter and less is not permissible. Put sausage on the edge of the dough and turn the dough with a knife, and flip with sausage. Now connect the junction of the dough with finger pressure. Do not push too much, sausage should be seen both sides.

آماده کردن خمیر رولت مخصوص سوسیس

Some do not like the smell of egg yolk, you can pour a spoonful of flour in a little hot water to create a thick liquid and apply on bread and make its surface red. Sesame can complete your sausage rolls design. On the surface of the dough, create diagonal lines with knife to make beautiful shape. By slicing of Sausage rolls into smaller sizes for fork, you can make different sausage rolls.

رولت مخصوص سوسیس با برش های متفاوت

Oven with 200 ° C Heat, for half an hour hosts your sausage rolls. In the last two or three minutes, use the high flame oven for frying the surface of the sausage rolls.

رولت مخصوص سوسیس بعد از پخت

You can use this attractive food sausage with ketchup or chili sauce to. If you want your sausage in bread have more taste you can do whatever you like with it before put it inside the dough.I even used the grinded sausage with cheese and sweet pepper and tomato sauce in my rolls brain and I had good answers. Bon appetite!

رولت مخصوص سوسیس با برش های کوچک