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Special Pepperoni Kielbasa (80% meat)

Among pakdam pars sausage and kielbasa products special pepperoni kielbasa with 80 % meat has a special place

If you are looking for a different and special pepperoni kielbasa, Pakdam Pars Special Pepperoni Kielbasa by 80 percent meat, offers you the highest quality of a pepperoni kielbasa. This product has a higher meat content than Pepperoni Kielbasa.

Among the sausagesand kielbasa products, Sepcial Pepperoni Kielbasa, has special place. Name Pepperoni kielbasa name, is from the Italian word " Pepperoni " meaning spicy and hot. This kielbasa is very popular in Italy and America and is the most important part of Pepperoni Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza Braid.

PepperoniKielbasa has soft tissue, slightlysmoky, Spicy taste andappearance as almost bright red. Toprepare somesandwiches, Pepperoni Kielbasa is used forthe creationofa specialflavorin combination with otherelementsusedfor sandwiches. Somefoodssuch aspepperonikielbasarollare very popularinWest VirginiaAmerica and much of thispopularityisduePepperoni Kielbasa. Special Pepperoni Kielbasa is produced in two types, Family package and vacuum package.

Product Ingredients are listed below.


  • Meat: 80%
  • Starch
  • Oil
  • Milk Powder
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Spice
  • Food Additives